Latino Vote 40-for-40 Campaign

SVREP Friends and Supporters, In recognition of SVREP’s 40th anniversary we are proud to announce our latest national effort to empower the latino community. The Nonpartisan 40-for-40 campaign will empower 40 competitively selected Latino/minority communities over the next 40 months.

Why 40-for-40?
SVREP will demonstrate with 40 real-life case studies how to raise Latino Political participation by 40% as an answer to misleaders and the misinformed who say Latinos don’t vote. Thru 40-for-40 SVREP will demonstrate that our community votes at high levels when properly resourced!

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Instead of parachuting in only during even years like the two major parties, SVREP will prioritize homegrown empowerment agendas by partnering with grass tops and grassroots leadership in selected Latino communities train leaders/activists/volunteers to organize and mobilize the Latino vote over the next 40 months — from July 2014 to November 2017.

SVREP will provide:
  • Resources for voter registration and get out the vote campaigns;
  • Leadership, organizer, candidate development, and elected official training;
  • Opinion, demographic, and policy development research;
  • Viable local policy strategies on relevant issues;
Selected communities will provide:
  • Local sponsors;
  • Volunteers;
  • In kind resources;
  • Organic leaders to hire as coordinator and train as candidates;
  • Elected Officials to promote the 40-for-40 campaign;
Apply for 40-for40 campaign today: click here

SVREP’s 40-for-40 campaign will enable Latino communities to gain representation and empowerment, and most importantly to use the power to bring long overdue policy changes to their communities on relevant issues.

Since 1974 SVREP has registered 2.6 million voters, trained 150,000 Latino leaders through more than 2,000 nonpartisan drives, and won over 85 voting rights lawsuits.

Over the past 40 years thru SVREP’s leadership the Latino vote has grown from 2.2 million to nearly 14 million!

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