'Fight the Wall' Register a Mexican to Vote.

SVREP announces it’s smart phone/online voter registration campaign Fight the Wall/Duro Contra el Muro, Register a Mexican@ to Vote!

Completing the 2,000 mile US-Mexico Border Wall is advocated by various Presidential candidates. If completed the US-Mexico border wall will intensify repression and exclusion of immigrants and Latinos within the US.

It must never be completed! SVREP’s response is to register to vote and turnout as many as possible of the eight (8) million US born unregistered Mexican Americans in 2016’s national elections.

Fight The Wall Links

Website: fightthewall.com

Facebook: facebook.com/FightTheWall

Twitter: twitter.com/FTheWall

Instagram: instagram.com/FightTheWall

Walls = War

The Berlin Wall symbolized cold war between the east and west through 1989. The Israeli West Bank Wall symbolizes undeclared war today between Israelis and Palestinians.

Completing the Border Wall would be a step towards militarization of the relationship between the US and Mexico and a harbinger of things to come.

The US Mexico Border Is Under Control and Stable

The fact is the US-Mexico border is already under control according to US official reports. Numerous laws and appropriations have been enacted over the last 15 years by the US Congress and three Presidents from both parties resulting in construction of 700 miles of wall and quadrupling the border guard to nearly 20,000 members today. Radar and drones are already in use.

See new WCVI Study detailing how US has already spent $250 billion in border enforcement

View the study here

Help Us Mobilize The Latino/Mexican Vote In 2016

Help us mobilize our power at the ballot box in 2016 and create an enduring political deterrent to anti-immigrant, anti-Latin@ policies like the Border Wall in 2017’s immigration reform battles in Washington, DC.

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