Message from President

A generation ago anti-Latino and anti-immigrant sectors in California demonized our community with Prop 187. But the anti-Prop 187 movement prevailed as Latino leadership mobilized to double the Latino vote during the 1990’s and drive racism from state government. Now anti-Latino elements are at again across the US. It is time for another statement, and it starts with leadership unity. Join me in a show of force at the CA Latino Leadership Breakfast.

Our causes must be Pass the DreamAct, Protect the DACA recipients, Keep Families Together, Close the Baby Jails, Fight the Border Wall, Protect Democracy and Mobilize the Latino Vote.

SVREP will explain its million Latino voter live contact and social media campaign in southern and central California. We will expand the CA Latino Leadership Council!

About the CA Latino Leadership Council

Antonio González kicked off the CA Leadership Council on October 12, 2018 to develop a sustained effort to mobilize the Latino, train candidates and organizers and protect the vote in California.

González asked leaders to unite and build power to stop all and any anti-Latino, anti-immigrant affronts on the Latino community. González urged leaders present to provide financial support to SVREP with an annual, monthly or quarterly tax-deduction donation. The donations will not only develop sustainability to empower the Latino community, it will also demonstrate that Latinos will support their own mobilization efforts as well as cultivate their own leadership and power.

Latino Leadership Unity Breakfast

October 11, 2019
8:00 am to 11:00 am

The City Club
555 S. Flower St., 51st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Sponsorship Levels

$25,000 Día De La Raza Unity Breakfast Chair
$10,000 Día De La Raza Unity Breakfast Co-Chair
$5,000 Gold
$2,500 Silver
Tickets: $1,000, $500, $250

National Administrative Office
320 El Paso Street
San Antonio, Texas 78207
Phone: (210) 922-0225
Fax: (210) 932-4055

California Regional Office
2914 N. Main St. 1st Floor, Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Phone: 323-205-2190
Fax: 323-205-1419