Introducing Latino Academy 2018

The Latino Academy is a training boot camp for Latino candidates running for office, organizers, and elected officials, as well as for caucus training sessions.

  • Candidate Campaign Training sessions prepare cadres of Latino leaders who are not only ready to run for office and win, but who are committed to building communities where diversity is celebrated and immigrant communities that are part of America’s society. These men and women are leaders who emerge from their communities and work to improve the quality of life in their neighbor-hoods, cities, and states.
  • Organizer Training sessions prepare community activists to organize their communities at the grassroot, local, and state levels.
  • Caucus Training sessions prepare voters to attend caucuses in their districts and to elect their candidate of choice. Voters will learn caucus rules and procedures to help them under-stand how they can help place Latinos running for office on primary ballots.


The Candidate Training Cost per Can-didate and his/her campaign staff is $2,500.

The Organizer Training Cost per organizer is $1,500.

Your cost to attend is $250. Register and submit your registration fee.

To apply for a scholarship, send us a short letter two weeks before the Latino Academy you plan to attend that tells us why you should be provided with a scholarship.


To become one of the sponsors of the Latino Academy, please submit the form by clicking the “Become a Sponsor Now” button, or contact Lydia Camarillo at or 210-922-0225.

SVREP is funded by donors who are interested in investing in the Latino community.

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Latino Academy History: In 1994, SVREP concluded that its next move on in its mission to empower the Latino community was to formalize the trainings that, for two decades, transformed the body politic of hundreds of cities and counties across the southwest.

SVREP established the Latino Academy to prepare organizers, young and "veteranos", and cultivate leaders who run for office. SVREP partnered with its sister organization, the William C. Velásquez Institute (WCVI), to include (as part of its Latino Academy tracks) the Public Policy Institute for Latino Elected Officials.

The first two Latino Academy sessions were held at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and at Big Bear in San Bernardino. SVREP held four tracks: Youth Organizing, Advanced Organizing, Candidate Campaign Training and Elected Official Training. Over 200 Latino leaders completed the Latino Academy.

Since it opened its door, SVREP has trained over 150,000 Latino leaders! SVREP’s Latino Academy will continue to prepare candidates to run for office, train leaders to organize their community, and partner with Latino Elected Officials to find solutions—innovative and strategic —to old problems that the Latino community still faces today.

Join us! Take part in one of the training sessions, become a donor, sponsor one or more of the Latino Academy sessions, and recommend a millennial to one of training sessions.

To the Latino Academy alumni: tell us your story. Did you take part in the Latino Academy when you were a college student and today you are serving as an elected official? Did you organize a key Latino issue and win? Share your story on the SVREP Facebook page at and don't forget to "Like" us.

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