Elected Officials and Candidate Training Faculty

The SVREP faculty are leaders and experts in fields that range from fundraising to message development. These experts have worked with candidates that have been elected to public office at the local, state, and national levels.

Andrew Hernandez, for example, one of the core faculty members, served as President of SVREP, Director of the Base Vote for DNC and managed several campaigns. Dr. Laura Barberena, Ph.D. in Political Communication, has provided media consult-ing as well as developed paid ads and mailers for Demo-cratic Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Former Congressman Javier Becerra, Senator Jose Menendez, and others.

Latino Academy Core Faculty

Andy Hernandez Laura Barbabena Mario Solis Marich Victor Griego
Dr. Fernando Guerra Lydia Camarillo Leo Briones Antonio Gonzalez
Alma Marquez