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SVREP Announces Social Media Campaign Educating and Inspiring 250,000 Voters in CA Competitive Races

(Oct 5, Los Angeles) “ gives SVREP’s ground game of live phone banks and canvassers a complimentary high-tech component that will increase our reach and efficiency especially in turning out younger Latino voters in California,” said Antonio Gonzalez, President of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP.

"2018Voter.Soy is speaking directly to Latino voters about issues that they feel passionately about" said Mario Solis-Marich Principal at Targeted Technologies and 2018Voter.Soy spokesperson.

"Over 175,000 voters will be contacted via email and social media and challenged to speak up at the voting booths to protect their families and their values. They will know that if they are concerned about the direction of this country that "Su Vote Es Su Voz".

" marks the second consecutive election in which SVREP invests substantial resources in social media to reach younger Latinos. In 2016 21,000 voters were registered online and hundreds of thousands of young Latin@ voters were contacted by SVREP’s social media campaign “Latino Vote 2016."

With core offices in San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, CA SVREP is the nation’s paramount nonpartisan Latino Voter Empowerment organization. Since 1974 SVREP has registered 2.7 million voters and won nearly 190 voting rights actions under the federal and California Voting Rights Acts.

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